Eating at restaurants can be fun, but it might affect your health as well. You can use some smart strategies to plan ahead and choose foods carefully for a healthy dining out.


You should have a plan for dining out. If you had a big lunch, then you can choose to eat light dinner. Alternatively, if you know that you are going to dine out, then you should have a light lunch during the day. If you have good knowledge of cooking basics and menu terms, then it will be easy for you to order food.

Selecting a restaurant

You should consider meal options at various restaurants. You should look for places where you will be able to find different menu items. You can check menus online and look at the nutrition information before you order.


You should balance your meal by having healthier selections from various food groups like low-fat dairy, lean protein foods, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, etc. You can look for baked or grilled chicken, seafood or beans that have protein, fiber and other essential nutrients as well. Having dressing on the side can lower the portion of meal you take.


You should eat slowly. It takes 20 minutes for your brain to fetch the message from your stomach that you need to eat food. When you eat fast, you often overeat. Slow eaters, on the other hand, eat less but they are satisfied.

These tips are helpful for healthy eating when you go to a restaurant. If you can control your eating habits, it won’t affect your health even if you eat many times in a restaurant.

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